Useful facts (and links) about Police & Crime Commissioner Elections

Stop Press… we are working to change the site to reflect results, feedback etc. (results can be found at BBC Politics site. Thank you for visiting, when the rebuild is complete we will publish on our Twitter site (@mypcclinks) and our Facebook page (Police and Crime Commissioner links).

On 15th November, we were asked to vote for our local Police & Crime Commissioner.

In our opinion the TV adverts haven’t shown what responsibilities a PCC will actually have and lots of people have been calling out for more/better information – that’s why we started this site!

All the regions above have links to all candidates and other information. The links to the left give other sites of interest and info that applies across regions. We hope you find the site useful.

It is impossible to capture all the PCC information out there, if you see something you think we should add please email us at: Also follow us on Twitter @mypcclinks (now also on Facebook at please visit and click LIKE)

From the about my vote booklet by The Electoral Commission:

On Thursday 15 November people across England and Wales (excluding London) will be asked to choose a Police and Crime Commissioner for their local police force. The Police and Crime Commissioner will be responsible for holding the Chief Constable and police force to account on the public’s behalf. The Police and Crime Commissioner will oversee how crime is tackled in their area and aim to make sure the police are providing a good service.

The Police and Crime Commissioner role includes:

  • meeting the public regularly to listen to their views on policing
  • producing a police and crime plan setting out local policing priorities
  • deciding how the budget will be spent
  • appointing Chief Constables and dismissing them if needed.

Here are a few more links that we hope will give you more information:

The Electoral Commission – Police and Crime Commissioner elections

(Choose my PCC – English version)                     (Choose my PCC – Welsh version)


Home Office – What is a police and crime commissioner?

Home Office – PCC Elections

Home Office – Accountability

Home Office – Supporting victims and witnesses

Declaration of acceptance



2 thoughts on “Useful facts (and links) about Police & Crime Commissioner Elections

  1. It is my humble opinion that the election of these commissioners will not bring about the quoted objectives. It is just another layer of politics for those rejected by the electorate at National level. The only people who will “interact” with the police and crime commissioners will be shall be a small proportion of those who actually vote.
    As turnout figures are expected to be +- 18.5% legitimacy for these newly elected parasites must be suspect at least.
    UNLESS there is a turn out of over 65% there can be no mandate claimed by any successful candidate.
    The money spent which will no doubt be in the region of £250,000 for the upkeep of these commissioners when their entourage and offices are taken into account would be best used to provide more front line police on the beat.

    • i think giving people a say is a good thing – the issue comes when people decide not to use their voices… i think the #PCC concept could be made to work if properly implemented with a good candidate in place – but there are a lot of risks and i’m not sure it was the best solution… that said it has been stated and restated that whatever the turnout, however many spoiled votes the result will stand… for that reason i am committed to working in my local area to get it up and running the best that it can and i believe we have candidates that can achieve that as well as those that would make me extremely fearful for the future of local policing… I plan to use my vote and continue to question the whole concept – i think the two things can be done together…

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