Matt Taylor SOS Party

I am the unofficial Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner because I couldn’t bring myself to hand over £5000 off my hard earned money, with a real possibility that I’ll never see it again.

The Conservative party paid Katy Bourne’s deposit, as did the Labour Party for Godfrey Daniel (Godfrey Daniel has publicly admitted that he couldn’t afford it himself). Ian Chisnall only paid £80 towards his deposit, with the rest coming from undeclared donations. It’s almost guaranteed that the Conservative and Labour will get their deposit back, with the prospect of getting more than 5% of the vote.
Sadly for me it is a gamble I cannot afford to make.

Let’s face it. The whole election has been steered towards making it impossible for independents to win.

The minister in charge, Nick Herbert, who brought in the legislation has resigned. Actions speak louder than words and his resignation speaks volumes about this election.

But I am passionate about policing in Sussex and I won’t let bureaucracy stand in the way of my perfect job.

This is why I’ve declared myself as the unofficial candidate for this election, and ask voters to exercise their Guerrilla right to Democracy by registering their vote for me by spoiling their ballot papers with the letters SOS.
Yours sincerely,
Matt Taylor


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