Questions you might want to ask…

So what should we be asking PCC Candidates and their teams? Here are some suggestions from across the internet:

@mk7u asked their local candidates “I am very concerned that this new post will be just another political tool so could you please explain to me how you, as the $PARTY candidate, intend to fulfil your responsibilities while maintaining independence from your party.” see how they answered at its food for thought…

From candidates’ credentials to budgets and outsourcing, six more questions for police and crime commissioners (Guardian 23/10/12)

Some questions which you may wish to consider when speaking to Police and Crime Commissioner Candidates or their election teams (CSAN)


2 thoughts on “Questions you might want to ask…

  1. are the police not answerable at the present time., is this just change for change sake? how would we know if this service is any more effective///

    • communities currently have very little influence over the police and what there is isn’t clear but through committees… PCC’s are directly elected and directly accountable to those people for whom they commission services – if they don’t listen and/or don’t deliver then the electorate can act… the role is new – so careful comparisons needed, some measures will be useful but actually proper measurement is something to be addressed when defining the role… other important factors are that the PCC role is wide enough to ensure ‘joined up’ solutions which aren’t just about ‘flasing blue lights and sirens’ but also community safety, crime prevention, drug/alcohol rehab etc
      PCCs are empowered to work with voluntary sector and across agencies to find solutions so much more likely to get best solution to the problem whilst also removing duplication and ensuring joined up services…
      Finally the role will provide a foundation for creating a strong, joined up case to fight against budget cuts – community and police forces together can challenge budget reductions, even raising funds through local precept if the community wants something enough…

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