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Vaughan Roderick | 10:46, Tuesday, October 23, 2012 Comments (3)
It is here in Cardiff Bay office is located in Cardiff South and Penarth constituency where a parliamentary by-election to be held in less then a month. I drive through the constituency twice daily and it is fair to say that there are few signs that there is an imminent election. I’m being kind by using the word ‘rare’!

New was officially called the parliamentary election of course. Not so the Police Commissioners elections to choose and there is not hardly any sign of those either – either in Cardiff South and Penarth than anywhere else I have seen in recent weeks.

Is there a precedent for this? Is there a national poll has ever run a campaign where so little to see on the ground? Life!

Back in 1881 he won the Welsh nonconformist one of their biggest political victories by ensuring country inns legislation to close on Sundays. He’s not totally true to claim, as some do, that this was the first act since the merger laws to treat as a country separate from England but it was an important milestone in the development of constitutional Government.

Dry Sundays only lasted until 1961 when given the opportunity to vote by county voters about opening pubs on the Sabbath. The votes together and then “Option polls” in Scotland which would allow communities to ban alcohol altogether was the earliest examples of referendums in the United Kingdom.

Under the new regime was the one side or the other will be forced petition by a vote every seven years. Invariably the party would vote in a pub enforce ‘dry’. Party does tend to give in to the chapel area after becoming ‘wet’.

Dwyfor small fort was the last dirwestyr to fall. It happened with the reorganization of local government in the nineties and the legislation was abolished altogether in 2003.

For forty years they lasted regime was the percentage was low enough votes. Even in areas where the vote is competitive only in pubs and chapels both sides campaigning material was found. I remember that the number which turned out to vote is less than ten per cent of the electors in a few areas.

As much as the advertising efforts by the Electoral Commission and public broadcasters I suspect some of the same situation could arise Police Commissioners elections. It does take place in November is not likely to help.

It is possible that the problem stems from the fact that this is the first time that such election be held and that the public interest will increase as the system matures.

However if the turnout is low it will raise questions about the mandate of any commissioner or unpopular to introduce radical changes to the way the area is phismona.


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