Hampshire (pre-election archive)

Polling Day Info

Lost your polling card? Click here for info on Polling Station Locations

If you have lost your polling card you can still vote without it – just go to a polling station with ID. If you didn’t post your postal vote you can also hand the completed envelope into a polling station.

This election is being conducted using SV or the Supplementary Vote. The ballot paper allows you to cast 2 votes – your 1st and 2nd preferences – but you don’t have to use your 2nd preference vote if you don’t want to.

When the votes are counted to start with only 1st preferences are added up – if someone wins with more than 50% then the election is over. If no-one gets 50% then the votes for the top 2 candidates are counted again but this time the 2nd preference votes are added in as well. So you can see a 1st preference vote is much more valuable than a 2nd preference vote!

Hampshire Area Overviews:

BBC Overview of Candidates

BBC Overview of Police Force

ChooseMyPCC.org (official site)





Statement of Persons Nominated (available to download)

Official hard copy Candidate booklet (in pdf)

David Goodall, Liberal Democrat: www.davidgoodall.org.uk & @LibDem4HantsPCC

Simon Hayes, Independent, www.hayes4pcc.org & @Hayes4HantsPCC

Don Jerrard, Justice and Anti-Corruption Party:

Michael Mates, Conservative: www.michaelmates.org & @MichaelMates

Jacqui Rayment, Labour: www.jacquirayment.co.uk & @Jacqui4hantspcc

Stephen West, UKIP: www.vote4stephen.com & @vote4stephen

Police Area Returning Officer Info (as on http://www.choosemypcc.org on 11/11/12)

The Police Area Returning Officer is responsible for coordinating the election and announcing the result.

Mark R. Heath: 023 8083 2371 or mark.heath@southampton.gov.uk

Civic Centre, Southampton, Hampshire, SO14 7LT


The Key Debate #2 – Crime and policing on Mon 5th Nov by Ed Molyneux with five candidates for police and crime commissioner in Hampshire – listen to a recording here. Keep the discussion alive at http://www.facebook.com/thekeydebate or on Twitter using #keydebate.



Other links:

Hampshire Police Force Website

Hampshire Police Authority Website

“Transparency and honesty is vital” a message to all Hampshire candidates from David Goodall

Political Impartiality (David Goodall)


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