Campaign against PCCs

If you want to voice your your objections to the concept of PCCs or against the timing / way in which the election is being run then there are other options than boycotting or spoiling your vote.

Low numbers of votes could be easily dismissed as being down to voter apathy or dark/wet November nights. Spoiled votes just get totalled up at the count and the number reported. What does either of those achieve?

Here are some other options:

Petition to abandon the formation and appointment of Police and Crime Commisioners:

If FaceBook is more your thing then there is:

Or you could write to your MP? Click here and Unlock Democracy will guide you through the process

Petition to reduce deposit for Police and Crime Commissioner elections:

Although this website doesn’t support either boycotting or spoiling ballots we can see a little bit more logic to spoiling your vote than staying away altogether as a means of protest – at least if you spoil your vote your actions are registered and if raised cannot be explained away as ‘voter apathy’. If you do decide to spoil your vote then you may also wish to record the reason why for anyone interested and for posterity

Finally a few words from those that would like you to reconsider:

Unison say use your vote, don’t leave it to chance:

Ipswich Spy says : Not Voting Won’t Stop It…

Campaign against the principle/process and use your vote to maximise your voice.


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