Cambridgeshire (pre-election archive)

Cambridgeshire Area Overviews:

BBC Overview of Candidates

BBC Overview of Police Force (official site)


Official hard copy Candidate booklet (in pdf)

Ansar Ali, Independent: & @ansaar4cambspcc

Sir Graham Bright, Conservative: & @graham4cambs

Paul Bullen, UKIP: @pbullenUKIP

Paul Dakers, Independent

Stephen Goldspink, English Democrats:

Farooq Mohammed, Independent: & @cambsfarooq

Rupert Moss-Eccardt, Liberal Democrat: & @rm113

Ed Murphy, Labour: & @eddiemurphy4pcc

Lord Toby Jug, Official Monster Raving Loony Party: @LordTobyJug

Police Area Returning Officer Info (as on on 11/11/12)

The Police Area Returning Officer is responsible for coordinating the election and announcing the result.

John Hill: 01353 616271 or

East Cambridgeshire District Council, The Grange, Nutholt Lane, Ely, Cambridgeshire, CB7 4EE


Andie Harper’s Mid-Morning includes debate with PCC Candidates on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire at 9:00am Thursday 8th Nov listen again here on iplayer...

Other links:

Cambridgeshire Police Force Website

Cambridgeshire Police Authority Website

Cambridge based blogger @Girlinthe casts a critical eye over the PCC concept, her PCC election experience so far and the PCC candidates on offer: I don’t want to elect a Police and Crime Commissioner but it seems that I better had 

Cambridgeshire PCC election – Candidates look at savings and give their views on cuts to constabulary budgets: BBC article here.

Police Elections 2012 – East: Nicky Campbell investigates the biggest shake-up in policing for more than half a century. With a week to go to the elections, victims of crime, serving police officers and experts debate the real issues behind this historic change. In the East, Stewart White looks at community relations in Luton and asks whether elected police chiefs might do things differently. Watch on iplayer here.

PCC – critical friend or second Chief Constable? How to take advantage of the inevitable. See the article in the Cambridge Times

EXCLUSIVE: Tory who is not a Tory who quit as Tory candidate: ‘I back independent to become Cambs police commissioner’


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