About This Site


This site has been put together in the free (mostly late night/early morning) hours of its two compilers @bemusedpuma and @robstick_ld

We are not professional campaigners, crime/safety experts or PCC candidates – we are just two people interested in local community activism, local politics and the democratic process.

We started the site as a place to hold all the info we gathered so we could share it between ourselves and a few friends – but we soon saw lots of people calling out for more/better info on Twitter and we started to share… This led to great dialogues and more sharing… That led to the site you see today!

The site is not aligned to promotion of any particular group, party or candidate – our aims are to:

  • raise awareness of the elections and beyond
  • help people to understand the role of the PCC
  • discuss how people to used their vote on 15/11
  • help ensure people can make informed decisions by making information easier to find

We apologise for any inaccuracies, if you notice any, please advise and we will amend them.

Kris and Rob


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